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In Jan 2016 my son Beren (aged 3) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. His older brother Viggo was born with a rare genetic unrelated form of Diabetes called Diabetes Insipidus which affects water retention. Type 1 Diabetes is life threatening and very difficult to manage especially in a child so young with multiple challenges every day. 
In 2021 Beren was also diagnosed with coeliac disease. 

My song Guardian Angel has been co-written with Paul Rowlands and Tom Wood for Beren and released to raise money for JDRF, a charity which funds world-class medical research into the cure, prevention and treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. 

To find out more read my blog and press links below.
Guardian Angel (edited by Roger Rowlands).
Also available now my album Pixie Dust. My songs are available for download everywhere that sells music!
Scroll below for link to download from iTunes, Amazon & Google. 
There is also a link to my Just giving page if you would like to donate to JDRF.
Find me on YouTube and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @type1mumsinger links below.

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Guardian Angel - Leanne Lochhead JDRF
Leanne Lochhead Type 1 Diabetes Misdiagnosis & Misunderstandings
Leanne Lochhead on Granada Reports ITV - Type 1 diabetes
Leanne Lochhead- That's TV Lancashire. Talking type 1 diabetes & Guardian Angel JDRF video
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